4 J Welding Sucks

4J Welding, operating from Ft. Worth, Texas did not honor at least one professional agreement and acted in bad faith regarding professional services requested by Mary Lou Vocale.

4J Welding has operated under a number of names in the recent past, including Custom Fences & Gates and 4J Welding, with the latest being Panther City Iron Works. which is owned and operated by John E. Janecka.

This business has been financially supported by funding from Mary Lou Vocale, the mother of John E. Janecka, having provided operating capital as well as equipment and company vehicle purchases. Mary Lou Vocale, a resident of Las Cruces, New Mexico, acting as an agent for 4J Welding engaged in at least one agreement for professional services under which she acted in bad faith, refusing to honor an agreement without providing explanation or payment for services rendered.

Further, Mary Lou Vocale acted spitefully and maliciously, attempting to assume ownership of the very work for which she refused to render payment.

4J Welding

850 Blue Mound Rd W
Haslet TX 76052
Phone: (817) 605-9648
Phone: (817) 781-9136
Fax: (817) 439-1313

Panther City Iron Works

5362 Crescent Lake Dr
Ft Worth TX 76137
Phone: (817) 781-9136
Fax: (817) 439-1313

MLV Works

Writing and Editing Services
1768 Defiance Rd
Las Cruces NM 88001
Phone: 575-522-6100
Phone: 575-649-7679
Phone: 575-635-6798

If you do business with Custom Fences & Gates, 4J Welding, Panther City Iron Works, MLV Works or Mary Lou Vocale you should require a written contract and ensure that you receive a deposit, when and as appropriate.